When Age Is Relative, Malizia comes into play

I'm Davide, at the time I was 25, I was / I'm a normal boy: nice, fit (at the time I was still playing football), not too tall (175 cm), polite, attentive to fashion but above all aware of the importance of the first impression. After graduation, some internships and a little precarious (and after a Masters) I was about to start at a multinational company. I saw them for the first time.Martina was not my boss, but our work would often be intertwined. Martina was (indeed is) a beautiful woman, divorced with a teenage son, about 45 years old but very well kept: still sports, not too high, black-black hair with green eyes and olive complexion (seeing it would say Sicilian but not it was), thin, nice ass (with eyes closed would have envied several of my peers) but what has always excited me of Martina was the character. We all have a / a colleague like that: a capable and competent woman but bitch and authoritarian.
I would have full pages and pages to write about the dynamics of our professional relationship (of which you will not much) but I think they would be equal to a thousand stories that have happened to you in the office and can summarize it all like this: Initially it took me quite sympathetically, then following a couple of mistakes I became one of his favorite targets but with a bit of effort and a lot of work I regained my confidence to become one of his pupils. It happened to me more and more often to stay in the office until late with her, developing first a good professional understanding and slowly even an excellent personal chemistry, made of esteem and respect (above all professional but not only) mutual. She sometimes asked me about my life and if I had a girlfriend or if I went out with someone. I would gladly answer them and sometimes I even told them something (but not too much) but systematically disassembled my peers and said that the bigger ones are better by making clear allusions to sex but without ever being vulgar or exaggerating ... And many times I discovered out of the office excited, I felt provoked .. Many times I had imagined under his desk with her legs open with my tongue to lick her clit with her fingers inside her .. but how many times it happens to a man to misunderstand the female attitude? The truth is that mine, despite her being more and more strongly at the center of my fantasies and despite I had more and more impression she provoked me, I would never have tried. On the contrary, sometimes I let certain of his statements fall because I did not know how to handle them. And I think she noticed it.
But things became interesting when I changed jobs.
We felt but not too much, she asked me how the new work was going and I asked her how the old one was going, and quite systematically she asked me to meet for an aperitif or a lunch, even with a certain insistence. One day when I found myself in the area I invited her to lunch and she was happy.

We saw each other outside the club, she was really pretty, white blouse, tight jeans and heel. The conversation went off light and pleasant, we drank a couple of glasses of white wine per head and the brakes gradually faded .. She after asking me if I had the girl (and at that specific time I had) snorted and asked her why snort, I was so sure that a woman like her had the queue outside the house ... But perhaps for the white wine but I decided to take the situation in hand, since I had never investigated her, asking her questions really provocative .. I wanted see how he reacted ..
ME: "Dai Martina that a beautiful woman like you for sure will have many suitors"
M: "Yes, but they are all doormats, at this moment I just want to be fucked properly," he said, staring into my eyes and with a truly desperate expression. I had the certainty that the months of saws and the sensation of being provoked were real.
I: "what do you mean by fucking properly?"
M: "I mean someone who knows how to make a woman entertain ... I know how to make a man enjoy, you know I do something ..." halfway between saying and not saying, I realized that we were on a border ... he had to push her .. Feces what I would do with a girl of my age but I would never have done with her, I put her hand on a thigh between the knee and the groin, she noticed, and I asked her "what do you love to do?" ...
Perhaps I pushed her by my little gesture with a look I had never seen her do, halfway between the excited and the shameful:
"I love making blowjobs ... and ... no this, I can not say". As he said he laughed, he probably wanted to be provocative (and it was) but he felt clearly embarrassed. I had a sudden erection and I must have given the impression of being calm, I did not want to bring down the erotic tension of that conversation and pressed it: "come on the sentence, you can not leave me half-way" I said halfway between joking and excited ... After insisting little more he said: "no, I'm sorry, only those who prove can find out ...".
We were both excited, you could see, from there we turned. We started talking about sexual experiences, about what we liked and how we liked it, and we agreed on practically everything. The evening went on in a pleasant way, between provocations and looks .. the arguments had gone from work to our sex life. I discovered that she had a very active sex life, she had a few men courting her, a bit scattered around Italy, who never failed to visit her when they passed by. Do not faintendete, it was not an easy woman, it was just a single mother who sometimes liked to take off whims ..
The lunch went on like this, the game had become really exciting, and I do not know how she was put but my cock was hurting now against the jeans.
Leaving the restaurant she asked me if I wanted a ride but, a little 'because I did not want to betray my girlfriend, a little' because I still had awe, I made no move. We greeted each other warmly but nothing happened but I tore an aperitif.
We felt quite often, now sex had become our favorite subject. We told each other our experiences, both positive and negative. There was constant excitement both in my own and in his words. We wanted but nobody could say and this made it exciting to die for ..
Thus passed a few more weeks. In the meantime I came back single (not because of Martina) and did not waste time to "console". I wanted her. I asked her to reply the aperitif and we organized in a few days.

In the previous days she appeared calm but showed a trace of nervousness, probably she did not often go out, then imagine herself with a young boy. You could see in his messages that he was waiting for that evening, he asked me about the place, how it would have to dress etc. I did not want to disappoint the place carefully (I knew it was not frequented by people too young) and I dressed well. She arrives very beautiful, in skirt and blouse, not caste but not slut. A bit 'of pleasantries, but really time a minute was already telling me about the fuck he had done with a Venetian banker, excellent in bed but a bit' "empty". By now, both of them were interested only in that, it had become a very pleasant game for both of them. I told her a little about how their last meeting went and my erection was breaking out. I could not do it anymore. I approached his ear and said "Marti stop because I do not know if I can hold back, I already have the hard cock .." I wanted to see how he reacted.
M: "I would like to see it". She said showing off calm and security. He had brought me where she wanted.
:" let's go to the bathroom". I said laughing (but not too much)
M: "hahahaha no by .. you make me drink and then you provoke me, it is not worth" he said like a fake ingenuity that described it perfectly.
I had to stay calm so as not to get the situation out of my hands, but I was really excited as a teenager. We did not order a second cocktail but calmly, without telling us anything, we headed for the exit. Without a precise direction we left the room, and while lighting a cigarette pushed against the wall without much reflection. We did not care for even a moment of the fact that we were in the middle of the road.
Immediately I kissed her with determination, she, like me, had been waiting for that kiss for months, our tongues intertwined, alternating moments of extreme sexuality with moments of sweetness. I turned her back, pushed her face against the wall, and made her feel my excitement that felt good even from above the pants. I pulled her by the hair and started kissing with a madness always crazy with her shoulders, I raised her skirt and passed her hand over the thong. It was soaked. As I felt my hand pass the same with me .. You could see that he wanted to test my cock, and I like to think that like me he had thought about it and wanted not a little in recent weeks. We went on like this until she told me with a face that I will never forget "I want to suck". He really wanted it. Never felt so desired. And I wanted her.
I took her by the hand and took her to my car, I lived nearby. While driving I had to be careful about two things, not to crash and not to come. His hand never parted from my cock all the way, entered my street and pulled it out and took it immediately. He took my breath away. To date I do not know yet if it was for all the saws that I had made myself thinking about it, if it were for alcohol, or because it was really good, but it was as if no one had ever taken it into my mouth. It was wonderful. I approached the first door, it was not particularly late but I did not care, the only thing I was interested in was enjoying the blowjob I had dreamed of for years. She looked like her, her eyes only saw my cock. It was true what he had told me: he loved doing blowjobs and he really did see each other. After an initial upheaval I calmed down and those weeks of provocations had probably allowed us to establish true sexual complicity. We moved as if it were the hundredth time but with the excitement of two teenagers.
I took the situation in hand, the roles had naturally become the opposite of what was the hierarchy in the office. I told her in a firm tone, "Marti, you're driving me crazy, but tied my hair, I want to watch" she smiled flattered and took off the elastic from her wrist and tied her hair. I grabbed her by the tail and told her the rhythm and told her what to do "lick the balls" and she performed, "now succhialo" "let me see how much love you do the blowjobs", she answered with verses of appreciation even with the cock planted in my throat, but above all, and I noticed it later, he was masturbating .. I had to restrain myself not to come. As I noticed, I reached out and rubbed her clit with my fingers and first with a finger and then with two I penetrated her and began to masturbate her hard by rubbing her palm on her clit. She began to growl and enjoy. It really was a marvelous sight and I did not even need to tell her that I was about to come, she noticed it herself and changed her pace. He left only the chapel in his mouth and I do not know how much sperm poured into his mouth but did not miss a drop, satisfied looked at me, opened my mouth to show me the contents and swallow emphasizing the gesture. "This was the other thing I love doing ..." he said satisfied. I laughed, almost stunned.
Maybe there was the first moment of real embarrassment .. but it lasted only a moment, I laughed and told her that she was right, my peers would have only to learn from her .. She very sweetly told me that she was also satisfied, that it was really exciting for her too and we could stop there. I did not reply to words, but in response I raised her skirt and began to lick her over her underwear .. do not ask me why but we did not go home. We stayed there where everyone could see us. She pulled the thong away and showed it to me: shaved and with a beautiful, very neat shape, I started to lick it, I concentrated on the clitoris but I did not neglect the rest .. after a few minutes she said: "please put it in right away" last thing I heard. I did not have time to sit on my seat (which was all back) and time a second I found her over that was impaling ... she gave a blow and put my tongue in his mouth, pulling it out with his teeth to start to suck me almost making a blowjob to my tongue while I was screwing. He quickly arrived at the orgasm. Within 5 minutes I was already back as hard as if I had not been here for 3 days. And if you ask me I do not know how many times the women have faked with me, the answer could be all like none, but that time she came in a really intense way. He stopped and kissed me, now sweetly, he said to me in a much calmer tone, "honey, now I'm going back, give me a second". It was a word. He resumed calling me, he had completely washed me, I had my thighs, the seat and the genitals completely wet of his moods. Immediately resumed fucking with enthusiasm. He told me that my cock liked a lot, which was even better than he had imagined. She confirmed to me while we were discovering that she had wanted me too for years, and that she had brought her to me more than once, thinking of me. He told me that I could come where I wanted and that I could even come in, I had only to ask. These words while I watched her reach her second orgasm did not allow me to last long .. I came inside ..
I lit two cigarettes, one for her and one for me, we joked a little about what happened and about whoever could see us. To date, it has never happened to me before, and it has not happened to me to have such a perfect sexual understanding at the first embrace. It happened other times but more conventional, that "first" time with Martina was for me and will always remain unforgettable ..

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